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we can help with whiplash pain

With two locations in Perth and Regional WA we treat a wide spectrum of whiplash related injuries.

Whiplash refers to a condition in which the joints, discs and muscles of the neck are jerked beyond their normal limits, resulting in them being overstretched or torn. This most commonly occurs in motor vehicle accidents but can occur in work or sports related injuries. When someone in a car is hit from behind, their body is propelled forward immediately, while the head lingers for a second. This delay means the neck muscles are overstretched. To compensate for this discrepancy, the neck muscles quickly contract to bring the head forward, in line with the body. Unfortunately, this tends to overcompensate, with the neck muscles being stretched further than necessary, as the body returns to its normal position.

chirpractor whiplash conditions


Treatment consists of reducing pain and inflammation and stabilizing your neck to prevent further damage. Ice is perhaps the best natural anti-inflammatory modality and it is also very soothing when your neck is painful. In conjunction with an assessment, depending on the severity, farther referral or testing may be needed to rule out any serious pathology.

Following an assessment, if you are able to support your head and neck, it is especially important to keep your neck mobile rather than immobilizing it in a soft cervical collar. Studies have shown that you are more likely to make a quicker recovery if you do regular neck exercises, and keep your neck active rather than resting it for long periods in a collar.