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Sports injuries

back related sports injuries

At Regenerate Chiropractic we focus on managing the condition and working towards a treatment so you can resume playing your particular sport.

The majority of common sports injuries sustained today in sport are due to the repetitive strains of the specific sport that weaken the structural components (ligaments, tendons and muscles), thereby predisposing the athlete to injury.

If there are mechanical weaknesses or any biomechanical imbalance or compromise this will predispose the body to injury. A healthy body must be able to move and function correctly with particular emphasis on balance in both flexibility and strength. Any deviation from this balance can result in injury.

Whether you are a professional athlete or someone playing weekend or night time sport we can help manage your injury and develop a rehabilitation program to get you back on the field pain free, optimising both performance and reducing the risk of injury.


Causes can be either traumatic or overuse. Traumatic injuries generally occur when a force outside of your control impacts on a tissue of the body resulting in tissue damage. Examples may include cuts and abrasions, breaks or sprains and strains. Most injuries occur however due to biomechanical compromise. Weaknesses, imbalances and inconsistencies in the way your body works, when repetitive stress is applied will result in injury.


In the game of golf, Back & Joint related pain is an epidemic. Professionals and amateurs all have it and if they don’t now, there is a high likelihood they will at some stage in the future. At Regenerate Chiropractic an assessment of your body and spine will help us determine if there are any problems that need correcting before injury occurs.


Tennis is a physically demanding sport involving rapid acceleration and deceleration coupled with bending and twisting motions of the body. Common injuries include Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain and Tennis Elbow to name a few. Chiropractic management is routinely used by professionals and amateurs to effectively diagnose, treat and manage any related injuries.