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Neck Pain

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Two thirds of all Western Australia's will experience neck pain throughout their adult life. This will result in moderate to severe pain which can be both acute and chronic in nature.

As the workplace becomes more computer based we spend more and more time at a desk sitting in a compromised position. The muscle tension, which results from poor posture, will apply extra pressure on the neck, back and shoulder joints which will then irritate the sensitive spinal nerves. These postural effects can cause headaches, muscle tightness and tension, stress fatigue and other pains referred to the shoulder and down the arms.

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Causes of neck pain range from traumatic through to postural stresses. One of the more common causes is postural stress relating to compromised positions we adopt when using computers, driving or using mobile phones. Traumatic causes such as whiplash injuries and overuse injuries can results in significant pain.

neck pain symptoms


Symptoms that may occur with neck pain include neck tenderness, neck muscle spasm, and neck stiffness. Symptoms associated with serious causes of neck pain may include arm weakness, leg weakness, arm numbness, leg numbness, loss of bladder control, loss of bowel control, and an inability to walk. You should always check these more serious concerns with a trained health professional.