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Mid Back Pain

Mid back pain can strike at any time and can range from a mild irritation through to severe soreness.

Severe referred rib pain to the side and front of your chest can be caused by nerve and muscle inflammation at the facet joints of your middle-back, rhomboid muscles or ligaments between your shoulder blades or from nerves in your lower neck or mid-back. It can be aggravated by breathing in, forced inspiration, coughing, lifting, twisting or side-bending of the neck or spine and ribcage.

Chest pain can also be referred from the lower neck or an upper thoracic pinched nerve causing local pain as well as a deep” hot knife or deep burning ache,” This can also be referred intercostal nerve pain into the ribs at the back and to the sternum and costal rib cartilages at the front of the chest. This referred rib pain may also be felt in the arm and hand.

mid back condition


The main causes of back pain are either of a micro (small) or macro (large) traumatic nature. Macro traumas encompass; car accidents, falls, lifting heavy objects sporting injuries etc, while micro traumas are caused by performing repetitive activities over a prolonged time period. These repetitive activities may include; occupational activities, poor ergonomics and posture, lack of exercise or too much exercise, age and being overweight… or all of the above. Both of the above macro and micro traumas weaken the structural integrity of the spine which results in alteration in function, alignment and motion.

mid back symptoms


Symptoms can include pain, either locally near the spine or referred along an area corresponding to a nerve dermatome. Symptoms can also include numbness or pins and needles when nerve irritation or compression is involved. Weakness in the legs or loss of bowel or bladder control in the presence of thoracic spine pain can indicate spinal cord compression and should be investigated.