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Maintenance Care

back pain treatment for your chiropractic issue

In general, we wait for symptoms to appear and we have lost optimum health before seeking care. Maintaining our health is a process which requires us to change our habits to avoid re-injury. By continuing to receive Chiropractic care, as well as maintaining a correct diet, regular exercise and reducing stress on your body, we can significantly reduce the occurrence of re-injury.

Our body can be compared to an engine in how it must be maintained. Although our car may be running smoothly, it still requires a regular service to ensure there are no underlying problems within the engine we cannot see. Just as we would not wait until our car breaks down before seeking assistance, we should not wait until we have lost our health before seeking care.

Regardless of your health goals, or which approach to care you choose, please know I am here to assist you through your journey to optimum health.