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Disc injuries

common back disc injuries

Disc injuries are a serious concern which you should seek immediate treatment for from Regenerate Chiropractic.

Herniation’s of spinal discs are very common in day to day life and both at work and on the sporting field. A herniated disc will occur more often when the spinal column is stressed in forward flexion and rotation, tearing the outer fibres of the disc, causing the central nucleus to protrude into the outer wall causing a ‘’protrusion or bulge’’. This protrusion will then possibly touch or compress the spinal nerve root and or the spinal cord producing moderate to severe pain with or without radiation into the lower limbs. The degree of protrusion will determine the severity of the condition.

frequent back disc conditions


Long term micro trauma commonly causes a weakening of the outer sheath of the disc. Over time this weakness worsens and eventually a large enough force results in injury. This is the most common cause of disc herniation/bulge however severe trauma can cause injury of a healthy disc.

spinal disc symptoms


At Regenerate Chiropractic the symptoms we see generally include; numbness and tingling, burning, weakness, referred pain down the leg following the specific nerve affected, and groin pain. If you have any problems with bowel and bladder function you must seek medical attention immediately.