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Biomechanical Dysfunction

refered rotator pain

Dysfunction in your bodies biomechanics is both a serious and complex condition. It is often times the major underlying issue at play with most injuries or musculoskeletal aches and pains. At Regenerate Chiropractic we offer thorough assessment and management of this issue as a part of our evidence based approach to your complaint. This is also coupled with our clinical experience as well as your particular needs as a patient.

Pain and dysfunction is usually the final sign of a declining musculoskeletal system manifests in conditions such as headaches, migraines, low back pain, sciatica, disc problems, neck pain.

Office work is one of the main contributors to bad posture and this prolonged posture can cause numerous musculoskeletal issues which we have found can be easily treated and corrected by chiropractic therapy at Complete City Health.

rotator condition commonly seen


Causes range from Incorrect postures to repetitive movements to accidents and injuries resulting in the specific biomechanical changes that we see. The main aspect of any biomechanical issue is that they take time to develop and depending on the time frame in which they have been present may take considerable time to reverse. Health is a lifestyle and as such, any results seen must be maintained correctly.

chirpractic rotator symptoms


Depending on the location of biomechanical imbalance or inconsistency symptoms can present at the location, or distal/proximal. The key thing to understand with any form of biomechanical dysfunction is that the body works in kinetic chains. Therefore, a problem in the knee or hip, may originate at the ankle, or the low back. Likewise, a headache may be caused by a low back issue. Thorough assessment will get to the root of the issue.